Travel tips for the 2018 World Cup in Russia

During June and July of 2018, the world will watch the spirit of football come alive in Russia where football is beyond a past time for the people. The Russian national football team

The World Cup is the biggest party in sports, and Russia is excited to play host and will ensure the people have a great experience.

If you're lucky enough to have scooped up World Cup tickets or you just want to experience the epic World Cup energy in one of the stunning host cities, then you're about to have the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some traveling tips to help you prepare for your 2018 World Cup trip:

Find a Home Base

City-hopping from one venue to another in Russia for the World Cup isn't like hotel-hopping down the Vegas strip for your buddy's bachelor party. Russia is comparable to the size of two United States, and its size doesn't lend itself to convenient cross-country traveling within all cities. Commit to a few cities and venues in close proximity, and travel by air for faraway matches that you absolutely can't miss.

The visit Russia app exclusively designed for the tournament provides a travel guide on the 12 host cities, including details about the stadium, weather, and natural hotspots. Get suggestions on what to pack, and decide what type of Russian destination you'd enjoy discovering while engulfed in World Cup mania.

Dress to Impress

Whether you're cheering on Spain against Portugal or contemplenting a shot of vodka, you've got to look fashionable and feel good. Think casual and simple, and don't over-pack. Travel Freak recommends avoiding T-Shirts with graphic designs, unless it has a team logo on it. Wear as many team T-shirts, polos and jerseys as often as you'd like. You're at the World Cup in Russia. So when in Rome... Check out the Official FIFA Online Store, and shop for T-Shirts and jerseys of qualified World Cup teams.

Let Loose, Safely

Let loose at local parades and sing along to live band music. It'll be an exciting, high-energy time, and free spirits at the World Cup should have zero inhibitions. Accidents and emergencies happen though, and in a different country that's an ocean away from home, a misfortune could be devastating. Along with sensible caution, protect yourself with travel insurance, which could be a life saver if a feisty fan loses control over a defeat.

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