The mystery of Juan Carlos Osorio’s Log

Juan Carlos Osorio has surely opened our eyes to accept many new ideas when it comes to coaching the Mexico National Team. Everything from accepting the up and coming talent (the youth), to the very old (Rafa) and to omitting players that have had a somewhat guaranteed spot on the team (Gio). If you do a Google search on Osorio and make it to his wikipedia page, he is nicknamed ‘El Recreationist’ due to his unorthodox training methods. Now, any Mexico fan can surely see that not only does this apply to training methods, but also to how he steers the ship at game time. Osorio has this thing where he captures his thoughts at runtime, using methods that to millennials is somewhat ancient; a notebook.

When you think about it, it’s not really a big deal. I mean, I still keep a notebook to jot down ideas, quotes and todo lists on a daily basis. I don’t do it religiously but it’s a type of resource/tool that is always at arms reach. So now you may ask, why all the fuss on my part. Well, ever since I saw him writing in his notebook its become somewhat of a mystery/obsession for me. I’ve had some serious conversations on this and it’s escalated to the point were I have to share to the world! Here are the questions that I have:

  1. Does Osorio use the notebook as a diary as well? If so, does he start each entry with: Dear Diary,
  2. Does he provide a timestamp: Date, Match number, etc?
  3. Does he curse his staff, players, referees?
  4. Does he ever write down personal information like a todo list, grocery list? (My notebooks have anything from detailed wireframe diagrams to grocery items that I forget in the morning)
  5. Is the notebook: lined, graph based, or blank? (This is important as using the statistics I’ll know if he is more Type A or Type B)
  6. Does he draw stick figures? Or does he focus on detail in his image art work?
  7. Does he create check boxes that later on he checks off?
  8. Does he highlight?
  9. Does he prefer a pen or pencil? Number two pencil or mechanical?

Not sure if I would ever get any of these answered but the mystery will continue until they do. For now, as the camera continues to capture him during his scribbling time I’ll continue to ponder.

Be sure to check out the Twitter hashtag that I hope will go somewhat viral and share you thoughts and questions: #OsoriosLog

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