San Jose Earthquakes lose their first of 2019

The San Jose Earthquakes could not seal the deal on opening day as they lost 1-2 to the Montreal Impact. (SJ Scored the first goal) The night brought excitement in the atmosphere as the new coach and the several players acquired in the off season were giving the nod to start. Below is an image of their starting XI.


I attended the match and got to experience the opening game in the Audi Club. I was able to get tickets at a fair price. I couldn’t pass up the deal. I felt that for an opening night the stadium was not firing on all cylinders. The San Jose Ultras were on point, however lots of empty seats throughout the stadium and it didn’t have the same feel as other home openers that I’ve attended.

It’s a shame that the Earthquakes front office still has NOT adjusted to the caliber of a top 5 MLS club. Following the worst record in league history, they got a new coach, some new players, but have failed to win over the fans that are walking away, and the many fans that they have yet to win over because of the ownerships EGO. I mean, in a hypothetical scenario if San Francisco and Oakland were to be given a team, there is no doubt in my mind that the fan base would be 2X as large.

I know the Bay Area lacks sufficient transportation options (I work in Silicon Valley and travel from the East Bay) but they need to figure out how to get fans that want to enjoy a few beers and watch soccer. It seems that they cater to fans that don’t care too much about soccer and just want to go wander in the grass area and drink at the "largest" bar in the US (not sure about the accuracy of this anymore). There should be a balance as part of the experience for both the players and fans are that we are united for the cause and that we each must play our part. Today, the San Jose Earthquakes suffer from selfishness and a lack of a deep fan base. I'm happy to see LAFC and Atlanta setting the bar high. If San Jose is not careful, they could experience a seismic (pun intended) shift in which the plates move causing the team to be sent to the Bay Area.

We must do better.

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