San Jose Earthquakes get caught up in the Donovan Hype

Last night I attended the San Jose Earthquakes vs Leon friendly and my overall reaction was: I left wanting more. As the cold air coated the stadium, I was excited to see the starting 11 from both sides as both are easily a starting 11 within their respective leagues. The lady who sang the national anthem was on point as she sung both the Mexican and US anthem. (Even Fergie would have been impressed)

At the start of the first half there were several moments that the Earthquakes could have used to get ahead, but ultimately they failed to finish. Amarikwa and Wondolowski were responsible for not having that final touch that would have put the ball in the back of the net. It seems like Amarikwa still has a little voice in his head reminding him of how he injured his knee while Wondolowski was trying to be too flashy with the final kick. (Signs of comfort in his older years of soccer life) The only goal of the match was scored by Mr. Donovan himself. A cross to the middle and a quick turn with a shot from Landon was all that was needed to put the ball in the net. The goal was not flashy, not too technical and there was no real build up to it, but its purpose was accomplished. All the hype the Earthquakes used for promoting this game was released with his mediocre goal.

As the game continued, it morphed into a grudge type match with players from both sides showcasing their shoulder to shoulder shoves. There were instances of the game becoming a little too dirty. In the end, I think the fans, (including myself) would have enjoyed two sides playing more relaxed in exchange to see goals flying from both sides.

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