Recap: San Jose Earthquakes vs LAFC

Last Saturday the San Jose Earthquakes took on LAFC in their first match against them. The game started on the right foot for San Jose as they took an early lead with a goal from Vako. Then LAFC answered with two goals and it started to look bleak for the Earthquakes. That's when Wondo does what Wondo does best and take advantage of defensive mistakes. He scored twice and put the Earthquakes in front, but following his substitution, LAFC fought back and scored two more in the last 10 minutes of the match (including extra time) to take home the 3 points.
I went to the match with high hopes that the Earthquakes would use this game to A. turnaround the season, and B. create a new rival for years to come. They accomplished B. but failed miserably at A.

Not sure how much more the fans can take

Being a season ticket holder its hard to digest this type of season. Its been such a long time since the struggle was this extreme. I can see the fans getting restless and the summer has just started. The San Jose as an organization really needs to work out the problems and really do something to get back on track. The league is not going to get any easier and its important for the San Jose Earthquakes to take it back to the drawing board.

San Jose Earthquakes need to invest in players

Lots of teams are out pacing the Earthquakes in investing on high profile players. It seems the Earthquakes are doing what the A's do. Looking for average Joe's that can potentially become superstars to sell. I could be very wrong here, but if we don't get any high-profile players in the next few years, it will surely be known that this was the strategy all of the time.

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