Opening Match: Russia vs. Saudi Arabia 6/14/18

My 2 cents:

The opening match for the 2018 World Cup started off exciting as both teams were playing their equal. (Both rank in the 60's under the Fifa index) Then Russia ran away with the game and destroyed a defalted Saudi Arabia, 5-0. Russia is not 1 draw away from advancing to the next round and Saudi Arabia has a mountain to climb as both will face a beefed up Uruguay and an Egypt that is making noise with the 3rd best player in the world; Mohamed Salah.

It was nice to see Russia score two in the first half as I'm sure the home fans appreciated the goals. It's always a good thing when the home team wins their opening match.

Where/How I watched it:

I went to Avaya Stadium (home of the San Jose Earthquakes) to watch this with my friends and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I have a feeling the owners of the Earthquakes are holding the viewing party for all games because in 2026 they want to be front runners for Fifa Fest. Which for me, would be a great idea. The stadium has enough TV's and areas for people to enjoy soccer on TV.

Game Highlights from Youtube and Fox

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