Nico Calabria’s Story of Defying Expectations

In the first of many, here at Soccer Blur we will highlight stories that remind us why we love this sport. #LoveOfGame
Here is a story of Nico Calabria.

Nico was born with only one leg and he didn’t let his disability keep him from any sport he was passionate about. Encouraged by many and driven by internal strength, he eagerly participated and excelled in a variety of childhood athletics. Nico continues to astound teammates, competitors, and fans with his talent today, and is living proof that there’s power in every game. Overcoming this challenge through hard work and unwavering commitment, Nico exemplifies the mantra of great athletes that shows a tough determination that lets him rise up and push past his challenges.
The only bad about his video is that it is a commercial… A power aid commercial to say the least. Try to look past that once you finish it as it really is produced well.



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