Match: Portugal vs. Spain 6/15/18

My 2 Cents

Wow, the game hit all expectations! It was a shootout! Both sides contending for position and attacking each other. The goals came from all situations, Goalie mistake, goalazos from Nacho and Ronaldo! Build up plays. Nothing short but Amazing!

The match started with both teams fighting for the ball in the middle of the field. Both sides had an equal number of chances, but Portugal was able to pull in front with a brace from Ronaldo. VAR had some action too; A. standing by the penalty against Spain, B. not calling off Spain's goal. (I personally think both were the right call)

The second half was equally exciting. Spain levels up and takes a lead, then Ronaldo blasts a free kick home to seal the draw. It will surely come down to goal differential for the 1st spot in Group B.

3 second recap:

  • Ronaldo puts Portugal ahead twice, scores a hat-trick
  • Diego Costa levels both times
  • Nacho, who gave away penalty for opener, puts Spain ahead
  • Portugal and Spain share the point.

Where/How I watched it

Undisclosed location. =)

Image credit: Fifa.

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