Match: France vs Australia - 6/16/18

My 2 Cents

It was 3am and I didn't have the focus that I would normally have. I thought Australia played as a unit while France continues to struggle to play as a team. France has the ability to move the ball well because of all the stars, but there is no collective effort of playing for each other... yet. The group stage will allow them to build this, and if they do, then that's when they can fulfill their full potential and satisfy those that are saying they will make it all the way.

3 second recap

  • Australia
  • Paul Pogba puts France ahead late on to claim victory
  • Antoine Griezmann converts penalty after VAR review
  • Mile Jedinak hit back with a penalty of his own moments later
  • Technology played a big role, VAR and Goal crossing line tech

Where/How I watched it

Laying down in my bed, Youtube TV, Pixel, 3am

Image credit: Fifa.

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