Enjoying the Messi Privilege

As a disclaimer the title can be somewhat misleading and I hope this post doesn’t disappoint your expectations.

Anyone who follows soccer will know of Messi. If you don’t then for sure this article is not for you. I would advise that you go Google and YouTube him and forget about this article.

To start, in my limited view and opinion I believe that hands down Messi is the best ever when it comes to skills and ability in the context of the demands of a player in the soccer world. I say this within the scope of now and the past as the future is yet to be written. To be honest I was a Messi hater for the longest. I was in denial for the silly fact that someone that great would be in the image of Messi; average build, not flamboyant, and very humble. Initially he was too perfect for me and the idea was too good to be true. Now over the last 4 years I’ve grown to be a follower of him and really enjoy watching him. In 2014, I wanted him to raise the cup in Brazil and in 2016 I wanted him to win back to back UEFA Champion League titles. I have felt his pain as he went through the tough times of not achieving those feats. But knowing that Messi is a man of great patience and fortitude, who allows time to aid him in his next achievement he will continue to dominate the beautiful game and possibly achieve things he has failed at.

Going into the reason for my post:

On Friday I was thrilled that he is finally played in the Copa America Centenario football tournament and as I was expressing my excitement some friends jumped on me because I supported him. Long story short, it caused me to argue many facts and moral ideals that I hold greatly in my heart when it comes to being a fan of the game first and then you follow your team. I’m a Mexico fan 100% and if Argentina meets Mexico in any of the knock out stages or final, then I’ll side with my side and hope Messi has a bad day. But that doesn’t mean I’m afraid to respect the game enough to acknowledge a person like Messi. Stars like him are not often born and its a luxury for our era to be blessed with a person like him.

In sports we should not focus on being loyal to a team which ultimately is a business. They will make decisions based on their needs, always. So having true passion for the sport versus a symbol will allow you to have a passion that can never leave your chest when you watch your team play.

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