Barcelona Bounces Back with Stunning Victory

In what is now known as the greatest comeback victory in European league play history, Barcelona has achieved the impossible. After losing 4–0 in the first leg match against PSG, Barcelona is able to score 6 to advance into the quarter finals of the Champions League. They had to score 6 because PSG was able to score 1 goal in today’s match.

The game was all Barcelona from the beginning and it was shocking to see a content PSG. It seemed that the strategy was to defend and to take it easy. Barcelona used this as their advantage and got a lot of help from the soccer gods. I mistake from PSG saw an own goal and two penalties were granted to them to make it easy for them to work towards scoring 3 of their own. For me the most memorable part was that if you walked away in the 87th minute believing there was no hope for Barcelona, well that’s when the magic started.

Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund joined Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in next week’s quarter-final draw for the UEFA Champions League. Next week four more teams will join them and we will then learn the fate of who plays who in the quarter-final matches.

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