A Conversation with Chris Ross

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Ross, the Development Director for Atlantic City FC. Atlantic City FC plays in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL for short). The club entered the league in 2017 and has high hopes to make a name for themselves on and off the pitch. Chris will be responsible for club development, brand awareness and community relations that will be an integral part in shaping the brand within Atlantic City.

When I spoke with Chris we chatted a lot about his goals and expectations for the season. He believes the community relations is vital to a Clubs growth and success, there will be a focus in this area in his first years. Chris articulated his high hopes to have the community pave the way to sponsored activities that can be created and supported by the club as well as create institutions that will mature with both club and community.

Chris comes from a background of working with many professional football clubs in the Scottish Premier and hopes to analyze processes that would fit into Atlantic City FC but is ready to innovate and/or pivot to Soccer in the US. He understands that in the US, Soccer is not the first choice when it comes to sports but has been both inspired and surprisd of the opportunity that Atlantic City FC has for building a culture around Soccer. In his experience thus far with the Soccer community, he has witness a positive atmosphere and a community that is eagar to be apart of a sports team.

Five years from now, Chris hopes to see Atlantic City maturing into a sustainable club with a strong community. And lastly, I’ll leave you with a quote that Chris stated during my interview which was one of my favorites:

The goal is just to make Soccer enjoyable.

More on Chris

“Meet Chris Ross - Director of Atlantic City F.C”


More on Atlantic City FC

"Atlantic City FC is a relatively new soccer club but one with big ambitions.

Formed in 2017, we play home games at the main campus of Stockton University and have plans for a specialist venture on Bader Field, Atlantic City.

We are proudly sponsored by Stockton University, the Greater Atlantic City Chamber, as well as our very own Tropicana Hotel.

The Chelsea Hotel, a luxury beachfront establishment, will host the players when we enter the fourth division of the National Premier Soccer League in 2018."

More on NPSL

“The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is the successor to the Men's Premier Soccer League (MPSL), which was formed in 2002. The league started in the West Region with teams from the Northern California area. In 2005, the league expanded to a national format with the introduction of a Midwest region. The NPSL expanded further in 2007 by adding a Northeast region. In 2011, with the addition of a Southeast region, the National Premier Soccer League has truly become a nationwide league. In 2014, NPSL became the largest national soccer league in the US Soccer development pyramid with over 80 teams all over the country. Over 30 expansion teams joined the NPSL for the 2014 season, and the league is nearing the entrance of its 100th team.”

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